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He is Risen!

Regardless of how you feel about it, and regardless of your religious beliefs. Today is a day we recognize a man who lived and died loving the people of this world. Teaching people how to love others more than loving themselves. For this, Jesus deserves praise.

For those who are religious, we already know what this day represents.This is a day a king rose up to continue to lead his people into a life that may be difficult, but not without reward.The promise of eternal life alongside him in Heaven. Holy is the Lamb. I give thanks and praise!

If I could have the chance to go back in time and let myself know how important he would become to me, I’d probably have a hard time believing it. I feel like I wasted so much time with the wrong guy when he was always right there in front of me, helping me in my times of need. But at least I’m with him now. And I’m going to do my best to make up for lost time. Because he’s that important to me. 

I promised I would never hate anyone ever. But you’re seriously about to push me to that point. For real.

I’m missing you so bad right now. I need my boy!


Someone said your name today in passing. And you know what? I started to think of you and I got nothing. No feeling. No memories. It was weird feeling. I thought of you and her and what you did and this time there wasn’t a pain in my heart. It felt numb I guess? I can’t even remember what it was like laying with you or doing anything we used to do together. And now, if I say your name (which is getting less and less frequent), I can’t picture your face. I guess I used to give you way more credit than you deserved. You want to know what else? I’m genuinely happy with Will :). I soon thought about him (which happens every five seconds anyways :P) and you know what? I smiled like an idiot. Like I have been! And I could picture his face as plain as day. And I got butterflies. He’s so good to me. So good. And I’m so happy he took a chance on me. So in a weird way, thank you? Thank you for leading me to a true sweetheart. He’s the best. <3

So today’s my last day in Washington with family. I was so hesitant coming out here, but I have to say that this trip did me some good. And I’ve absolutely undoubtedly fallen in love with this little boy. It hurts my heart knowing I’ll have to leave him behind. I’m so very blessed. And I hope that if and when I have children , they’re just like him.

On a better note, gosh I’ve missed my sweetheart. I’m so ready to see that sweet face of his and wrap my arms around him! And my dogs. Those girls.. dogs truly are a man’s (or woman’s in my case) best friend. How I’ve missed them. And my best friends back home. And my family. I’m just torn either way I go.